5 Digital Marketing Trends For Small Businesses

Just because you are a small business and you’re focused on delivering your services and doing a great job of looking after your customers, doesn’t mean you’re in the dark when it comes to new digital marketing trends for 2017, right?

Ok, so we are well into the year and perhaps some of you are thinking “I haven’t had a chance to delve into the daunting world of digital marketing and cherry pick the trends”. That’s ok, there is still time to make 2017 the year to take notice!

I have taken a snapshot of some expert recommendations for this year’s top marketing trends. By concentrating your marketing efforts on five key areas and setting some obtainable goals, we at Inter Vivos can help to make these marketing trends a reality.

We live in a mobile world

I recently added an app to my phone that tracks my pick ups and time spent on my mobile. I don’t consider myself to be absolutely reliant on my phone and try to avoid mind numbingly scrolling through Facebook, therefore I was shocked to realise that I averaged 70+ pickups a day and 3.5 hours spent on my phone! I’m still struggling to come to terms with how much time is ‘wasted’ on my mobile, however the realisation is that this is an incredible opportunity for businesses.

The mobile can no longer be ignored in 2017. It’s likely that you have taken your first steps to create a better experience for our mobile users such as responsive design and loading times. However now it’s time to start really considering your mobile users. Optimising your mobile experience from simplifying your purchase process, improving ways for you customers to make quick contact with your business or streamlining your site search. Because users are now expecting fewer clicks for faster outcomes. With more than one billion mobile users in the world, some may argue that small business start-ups should consider mobile-first strategies.

The reality is mobile users are continually surpassing users on any other devices. More than half of all search queries are performed on mobile devices and with more active users shopping and search for local businesses such as yours, on the move, it might be time to “reconsider” your mobile strategy.

Start with the basic’s and run your website through Google’s mobile friendly test.

Content is still King

It still rings true and it shouldn’t be ignored. The search engine giants still love it and we’re happy to feed their engines with our fresh, original content. Some may argue that this marketing trend has been around for some time now, however its still as relevant as ever.

With search engines continuing to focus their efforts in mobile and voice searching, they are increasingly finding that users are formulating questions in their search, rather than using single keywords.

Keywords such as “how” and “which” tells us that a user is attempting to discover more about your products or service. Why not provide them with a pool of knowledge by answering some of your most popular industry questions, whilst recommending your business expertise. Updating blogs, creating “how to’s” and advice sections on your website will encourage search engines to pay attention to your snazzy new content and will certainly keep them coming back for more!

Mark Zuckerberg has told us that users watch 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook.

Ready, steady, LIVE

With social media channels now being inundated with visual content, perhaps your business should adopt a new approach and go live. Live streaming is a trend that is set to take off in 2017. It’s an exciting way of interacting with your following and engaging them in real time content. Mark Zuckerberg has told us that users watch 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook. So it’s safe to say we love watching videos and because this trend continues to flourish, Facebook has made it even easier for businesses to connect with the world!

Whether it’s showcasing a new product launch, visiting business locations, meeting the team sessions, expert discussion time or providing live tips, it’s all possible with Facebook live.

Best of all, you just need your mobile and a “big idea” to get started. Find out more about Facebook live.

So you’re a little shy? We understand, going live could be pretty daunting, so for those that prefer a few takes before posting their content then Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are all popular for promoting your video content.

This time, it’s personal

Being a small business, you’ll already understand the importance of a personable experience. That’s what makes small businesses like yours, great. However it’s important that when broadening your online presence and reaching out to new customers that you maintain this small business ethos.

Using social marketing personalisation techniques such as tracking consumers behaviour and targeting potential customers based on their interests is a key technique. By creating specific ads for targeted groups you’ll achieve a better response from your effective and affordable online advertising.

Whilst getting personal with your new audience, it’s important that you maintain the friendship with your existing customers. Using simple techniques such as inserting their name in an email campaign or creating targeted list to promote services and products that you know are of most interest to them. Not only will your customers feel that you understand them, they will be more likely to engage with the content you have shared with them.

By taking more time to care about being personable this year, means you’ll stay the best of friends with your customers.

Call in the experts

You’re the expert, there’s no denying it. You have set up a business that offers products or services that you are passionate about and you know your industry inside out, right? Well it’s time to step up this year and share your expertise with the world.

Taking inspiration from some of the techniques that I have already mentioned from addressing customers “how” and “which” questions to producing visual content. This year you should set out to get noticed. Your expert content and advise will help to put you on the radar and make your credible in your own field.

Regular blogging (creating quality content) and engaging with other industry influencers should be a key to your online strategy this year.

So there you have it, an Inter Vivos roundup of our five key digital marketing trends for 2017. Intrigued to find out more about these trends and how they could work in for your business? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch.

So what’s next?

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