Wouldn't it be great,
if things just worked,
every time, all the time?

Well we agree. It’s the reason we developed IVI, our property interactive for House Builders, Architects and Model Makers, with simplicity & robustness at the forefront of our minds.

With the development of IVI we have created a property interactive, which has been carefully researched and developed based on our own extensive knowledge and experience within the property sector. IVI is designed to be a scalable property interactive system; affordable, yet flexible enough to meet the varied requirements of property developers, model makers & architects.

IVI combined with our lighting controller Bluelink, provides a compact, robust, plug and play lighting system, addressing one of the industry’s biggest bugbears that of wireless interactive lighting systems not consistently working or being simple to set-up.



To request a quote, demo or find out more about our property interactive solutions and the benefits of using the IVI system, contact us today.


With our extensive practical experience of delivering interactive property solutions, IVI has been developed to address the needs of House Builders and Model Makers.

Flexible & Scalable

IVI is scalable, enabling the addition of features tailored to requirements such as interactive local area maps, balcony views or 3D floorplans.

Plug & Play

IVI and BlueLink provide a robust ‘Plug & Play’ wireless lighting solution for model interactives.

Customisable Framework

IVI is built around a customisable framework enabling quick project turn around times.


IVI’s customisable framework reduces development times and cost, with a variety of hardware options tailored to budget.

API Integration

As well as local control, IVI can intergrate with your availability database or website to update pricing/availability in real time.


IVI is compatiable with a variety of light-weight, affordable Android devices such as the Samsung Tab S series.

iOS (Apple)

Compatiable with iOS devices, IVI looks fantastic on larger displays such as the 12.9 inch iPad pro.

Anna-Roisin Bowles - Inter Vivos Digital Marketing

Anna-Roisin Bowles

Anna-Roisin has worked with some of the UK’s biggest property developers on a variety of integrated interactive & web-based projects. Like Tom, she has experience of providing technical & logistical support for interactive solutions in the UK and Overseas.


Tom Brooks

Tom has wealth of previous experience delivering a variety of interactive property projects for UK House Builders working with; Quintain, Redrow, Gaillard Homes, Higgins Homes, Linden Homes and London & Quadrant. This has included marketing suite installations, technical & logistical exhibition support, both in the UK and overseas.

Talk is

In fact it costs as little as the price of a cup of coffee, and we’re buying!

Get in touch if you’d like to see IVI in action and tell us more about how you’d like to bring your properties to life.

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