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Creation of a digital portfolio, showcasing experience in the film industry.

Alex didn’t yet have his own online presence to showcase the work that he had been involved in within film art departments in the UK. In what is often a highly confidential industry, he had been granted permission to display his work for one of the most highly anticipated films in the Star Wars Franchise. In addition, in preparation for an Industry Workshop talk in London (alongside concept artist Jon McCoy) Alex wanted to exhibit the focus point for their talk; a futuristic motorbike concept. We were briefed to create something engaging, interactive and impactful, that we believed would represent his personality and work. Most importantly the website needed to be a platform that could adapt and grow, with his many exciting projects ahead.

[cl-review quote=”Inter Vivos worked with me to create a portfolio website to showcase my work. They were extremely helpful and efficient throughout the project and what they created in the tight timeframe that I provided was fantastic! Highly recommended.” author=”Alex Hutchings” occupation=”” avatar_image=”3830″ source=”||target:%20_blank|” type=”quote” layout=”framed” bg_color=”#00c8b4″ text_color=”#ffffff” italic=”1″]

Project Description:

To create a digital portfolio of Alex’s most recent art department concept models in preparation for a ‘conceptual to creation’ industry workshop talk. The website would need to adapt and evolve with his expanding experience within the film industry, with much more planned for the future. It also needed to support the growth of his Instagram following.

Project Details:

The website would bring to life the transformation from concept to creation in a seamless, interactive before and after slider. Alex’s details would be concisely displayed in support of his individual project pages, accessed via a visual grid. His extremely active Instagram profile would be automatically fed into the website to minimise website updates and ensuring his website content remains current.

Project Outcome:

We have created a platform that not only exhibits Alex’s talent, but within time will become a timeline of his experience in British art departments. It’s an essential reference point when liaising with potential new projects. Carefully designed to illustrate Alex’s personality and professionalism.