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Creating A Legacy of Giving

David and his family had suffered the painful loss of his two younger siblings during the tragic Sri Lanka attacks on Easter Sunday. David had inspirationally began to speak out about his own personal loss but also the hope in which to rebuild many other lives that have been affected by these saddening events. A Just Giving had already been established, with aspiration to raise money to support local victims. For both counselling and housing, improvement of medical facilities among other aid, with every penny going directly to the people of Sri Lanka. David approached us with a brief to provide him with a digital platform to spread awareness and document his charitable journey, offering a platform with the ability to evolve and grow.

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Build Design:

Project Description:

David was in the early stages of his campaign, therefore our first step was to help to finesse the logo and start to build an identity for the charity. The initial website would comprise of a single landing page detailing his story and clear objective.

Project Details:

The website would act as a supporting digital arena for David’s already highly active campaigning. It would also allow the opportunity for others to make direct contact to show their support. We would later develop the website to include a dedicated press section to present his interviews and interest from the world’s media.

Project Outcome:

It was important that we conveyed the legacy of Amelie & Daniel and honoured those that lost their lives. But also focus on the positivity of people coming together to show their support. We continue to support David in his inspirational journey.