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Migration of website, creating a seamless experience for qualified therapists & retail customers.

Beauty Concepts previous online presence comprised of three individual websites, supporting their; beauty training courses, wholesale beauty shop and retail shop. These had been built on a now outdated bespoke platform, with the websites mobile responsive. This structure prevented them from cross-selling their products and courses in which they wanted to create a seamless experience for both professionals and retail customers alike.

Working with Beauty Concepts we defined and improved user experience by combining their services into one single platform. We built the foundations and structure of this new website site focused around SEO to enable them to expand the sites organic reach and improve their conversion rates, particularly for mobile users.

After the successful migration of the website we worked to improve the data collection and insights of their varied customers. This enabled Beauty Concepts to begin making data-driven decisions, boasting exceptional growth from their organic, paid search and email channels.

Organic Search

“Average conversion rate of 3.69%

August to November 2018


“Conversion rates improved from 1.71% to 5.33%

August compared to November 2018

Google Ads

“Campaign to promote training courses resulted in a 4.32% conversion rate of new enquiries from this channel alone

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Project Description:

Design & Build a website on a supportive and adaptable eCommerce platform. Advance Beauty Concepts current functionality and making significant improvements on the user journey for both professional and retail audiences. The migration would be seamless and retain their existing organic presence, whilst making fundamental SEO improvements. Plan strategically to assist in the growth of other digital marketing opportunities and eCommerce insights post go live.

Project Details:

An Initial rebranding exercise combined with our collaborative design process allowed us to create a professional and contemporary website. Inspired by the personality of the brand, it’s services and products, we created engaging and animated promotions across the site. Focusing on the differences between audiences, the visibility of pricing and content was tailored to meet the audiences criteria. Advances were made in customers onsite capabilities including wishlists, quick order forms for professionals, quick view, filtering and much more. Management of inventory and pricing was greatly improved with a customised automated system linked directly to BCI’s Sage account/stock system.

Project Outcome:

A modern, effective and flexible website was launched, proving to be a strong platform for Beauty Concepts to begin exploring new digital marketing opportunities. We focused on improving insights from Google Analytics whilst generating bespoke Google Data Studio reports to highlight & monitor business KPI’s. From our initial research we began the creation of Google Ads campaigns, focusing on generating training course enquiries. In conjunction with further advancements of SEO activity including keyword matrix reports and bespoke campaign landing pages for new keywords opportunities. We continue to create marketing campaign artwork to be utilised cross-platform and collaborate with BCI on the further development of the website with user data at the heart of the decision-making process.