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Single page business card, powered by local SEO.

Linda approached us with a very clear objective. She had taken the brave step into running her previously part-time English language classes, as a full-time commitment. This meant she had an extremely short time frame in which she needed to fill positions on her courses. With this clear objective in mind, we proposed that our efforts should be focused on creating an engaging yet clear landing page with a strong call to action. Combined with initial keyword research to boost local SEO and help Linda define her brand and website content around these specific localised terms. The results were fast and impressive, with Linda extending her courses dates to accommodate the additional students.

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No. 1

“english language classes haywards heath”

No. 1

“english language lessons haywards heath”

No. 1

“english tuition classes haywards heath”

No. 2

“english tuition for adults haywards heath”

Search Engine Optimisation

Our initial focus was to carry out a series of keyword research, concentrating on Haywards Heath and its surrounding areas. It was an important exercise and one that would define the framework of the website, improving Linda’s chances of ranking for relevant search terms in her chosen area. We also had to be mindful that the content would be contained on one landing page, therefore our keyword selection process would be extremely precise, in an attempt to meet SEO best practices and not to “keyword stuff”. Impressive ranking positions for our chosen terms could be seen within weeks, as the single page continued to improve its positioning. Supported by a Google business listing, Linda’s position for local search terms had been established.

Project Description:

A single page website designed and structured for an audience whose second language is English, with a clear call to action and strong references to Linda’s growing reputation. The selection of domain name and defined keywords would support local SEO efforts with organic being the main source of enquiries.

Project Details:

We created a responsive website built on a strong SEO foundation. Not only did we strive to create something imaginative and creative, but we also ensured the process of finding Linda’s classes via search engines and making an enquiry, was a seamless journey for potential new students.

Project Outcome:

Holding a strong no. 1 position for “english language classes haywards heath” and no. 2 for “english tuition for adults haywards heath” Linda continues to fill classes, increase her students and build her valued reputation within Haywards Heath.