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Website redesign and build, integrated with legacy booking system.

Established in 1985, Just Flights wanted to bring their brand up to date by creating an online platform that would stand up against new industry competitors. Working closely with the team we proposed a complete redesign, inclusive of a subtle brand facelift. We carefully defined imagery and content to resonate with Just Flights established whole plane charter clients whilst broadening the appeal to private charter clientele. We coordinated and managed the integration of their existing ATOL booking system via a responsive iFrame, redesigning the front end of the booking system to sit seamlessly within the new website platform.

[cl-review quote=”Everybody I have shown our site to loves it!” author=”Liz Davies” occupation=”Owner – Just Flights Ltd.” avatar_image=”3788″ source=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fjustflights.uk.com%2F||target:%20_blank|” type=”quote” layout=”framed” bg_color=”#00c8b4″ text_color=”#ffffff” italic=”1″]


Project Description:

A fresh design and build within a platform that would meet the criteria expected from search engines to withhold strong competition. Using the framework of the existing ATOL booking system we would reskin the design, to improve the user experience. It would seamlessly integrate into the newly designed website utilising a height and width responsive iFrame.

Project Details:

We worked to create a new website structure that would better represent Just Flights services, twinned with aspiring lifestyle imagery. Structuring the site with SEO in mind to improve Just Flights visibility for charter flights in organic search.

Project Outcome:

In addition to the improvements seen by Just Flights existing clients, the new website allows for potential new clients to discover more about the brand, its service and experience. Whilst making it quicker and easier than ever to make enquiries and take advantage of the online ATOL booking system.