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A website bursting at the seams with energy & personality.

With a previously very limited website, having discovered more about Roxanne’s work and collaborations we knew we could have a bit of fun in bringing her projects to life. Mindful that we wanted to create a platform for Roxanne to showcase her work and unique take on life as a ‘feminist, artist, geek, producer and poet’. With a catalogue of projects under her belt, we structured the website to exhibit her collaborations within one dedicated area, whilst utilising the homepage to promote her show ‘I’m the Hero of this Story’. The website would also contain a news area that could be managed by Roxanne as her voice to the world and a hub for her social feeds.

[cl-review quote=”Absolutely in love with my website they built for me. I would recommend this company to anyone. Reasonably priced and easy to talk to. They listened to my desires and weren’t afraid to give ideas and feedback too. Thanks again!” author=”Roxanne Carney” occupation=”” avatar_image=”3891″ source=”||target:%20_blank|” type=”quote” layout=”framed” bg_color=”#00c8b4″ text_color=”#ffffff” italic=”1″]

Build Design:

Project Description:

With a requested colour palette, similar to that of a ‘Freddo’ chocolate bar, we set out to create an eccentric design, inspired by existing photographs taken of Roxanne. In addition to the Design and build there was a degree of content creation with much of the imagery featured requiring additional Artworking.

Project Details:

Creativity aside, we were focused on the structure of the website, ensuring Roxanne had a space to introduce herself, boast about her previous collaborations and relationships, as well as creating an area for Roxanne to continue telling her story. Inclusive of the integration of her active Twitter and Instagram feeds, a selection of Vimeo content and a contact form.

Project Outcome:

A standout website for a stand out artist! Roxanne’s new platform has enabled her to continue to grow her partnerships within the performance sector. As her wealth of experience and knowledge grows as a talented performance artist in a competitive industry her website will grow with her.