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Professional & motivational website to promote local sports classes

Sarah was already a keen blogger and instagrammer, documenting her personal stories of running adventures across the globe. Sarah was looking for a platform to showcase her spectacular snaps from her journeys and her stories, combined with the promotion of her pilates lessons and running coaching. It was important for Sarah that we balanced her own success and activities with the opportunity for others to be inspired to join her. With an already established following and glowing testimonials, this new website would give Sarah a platform to expand her client base and motivate others.

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Logo Design:

A contemporary logo design, styled to be easily transferred to a variety of mediums, both online and offline.


Project Description:

Starting with branding we would go on to design and build a bold and creative website that would echo Sarah’s personality. With a balance of personal stories and successes, combined with the promotion of her pilates lessons and coaching, the website would include a timetable of classes and a simple form to get in touch.

Project Details:

With such an active and motivational member of the local running community it was important that we integrated her existing social media activity along with her activity on Strava. The website contains large hero imagery along with Google map integration and a dedicated area for Sarah’s blogging. It was imperative that Sarah could create and manage her own content post go live.

Project Outcome:

A professional platform that has allowed Sarah to continue to build her reputation in her local running community and as an active brand ambassador for sports performance companies. Whilst notably growing her client base and continuing to inspire and introduce others to running and pilates.