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A platform to raise the profile of an award winning artist.

Off the back of Victoria’s hugely successful ‘Major Tom’ production, Victoria discovered that people were searching for her online, but her current website wasn’t appearing in search results when searching for her own name. We were approached to provide a solution that would raise Victoria’s profile and get her noticed in Google. The website needed to emulate the personality and creativity of Victoria, whilst showcasing her previous projects, upcoming tour dates and flourishing reputation as an artist. With a digital platform now created and established and her ever-growing following, Victoria would go on to perform ‘Hairpiece’ and ‘Ugly Chief’, both sell out shows toured the UK receiving critically acclaimed reviews. Victoria has subsequently gone on to appear on Radio 4 and is building a burgeoning reputation on the stand-up circuit.

[cl-review quote=”As an artist, design and image is very important to promote my brand. I had ideas but I had no idea how to implement them, as I am not technical at all. Inter Vivos are brilliant communicators; exceptionally patient and able to understand my needs. What we made is a high functioning, exciting and vibrant website that reflects my work and brand perfectly. They really understood my requirements and have given me a website that stands out in my industry.” author=”Victoria Melody” occupation=”Victoria Melody Ltd.” avatar_image=”2248″ source=”||target:%20_blank|” type=”quote” layout=”framed” bg_color=”#00c8b4″ text_color=”#ffffff” italic=”1″]

Build Design:

Project Description:

We would establish and build a profile as an artist in a digital space, designed to host Victoria’s creativity including galleries, video content and integrated social media profiles. In addition platforms such as Wikipedia would be utilised to support the artists evolution.

Project Details:

A balance of content about the artist and her productions, engaging galleries and a repertoire of reviews from the press, the website was structured to allow flexibility and growth. With new ventures on the horizon, we later added a shop to house Victoria’s show memorabilia.

Project Outcome:

This professional platform has enabled Victoria to make her own stamp online, whilst documenting her 5 star performances. Bursting with creativity and enriched with the personality of Victoria Melody, it truly brings a little of her to life through her charismatic online content.