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MailChimp Launches SMS Marketing in US

Mailchimp launched an SMS Marketing (texts) feature on its platform. Initially only available in the US as a paid add on it promises to accelerate growth by seamlessly integrating SMS into your email, automations, and social campaigns. We’re hopeful this will be available in the UK soon.

Source: Mailchimp


Thank you for shopping local sign in shop window picture by Tim-Mossholder

What Are Local Business Citations?

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Key Differences between GA4 vs Universal Analytics

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How To Respond To Reviews: Friends gathered around screen

Responding to Google Reviews: Tips & Templates for Business Owners

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Phone Screen With Instagram Guide Example | IV Insights

How To Use Instagram Guides

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What Googles Continuous Scrolling Means For Your Search Results

What Google’s Continuous Scrolling Means For Your Search Results

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Google launches new Google Trends portal

Google has launched a new look and feel for the Google Trends portal. This update brings a new look, with real-time trends on the home page, updated hourly with links directly to publishers’ news articles, the company announced.

Source: Google Trends

New Quiet Mode Feature On Instagram

Quiet Mode is a new feature that will automatically update your Instagram activity status, mute your notifications, and create an auto reply to your DMs. This feature is very similar to your iPhone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature.

Source: Planoly