Sharing An Important Message For People With Disabilities


Days from initial brief to launch site


Weeks from brief to Ecommerce launch

Meet the client

Differently Enabled makes bespoke luxury clothing for people with disabilities. It was founded by Craig Crawford following his own personal experience of being hospitalised for a lengthy period with Covid-19. Following his eventual discharge from the ICU and subsequent rehabilitation process Craig found clothes in his existing wardrobe were inaccessible for him without assistance. This realisation of the huge gap in adaptive clothing inspired Craig to create  Differently Enabled. Built on Craig’s wealth of experience in fashion and technology, Differently Enabled makes adaptive fashion to help people Look Good, Feel Good, and Do Good.

The Goal

Craig approached us to help launch Differently Enabled online, we were delighted to work on such a deeply personal project. We did however need to work to some challenging turn around times for both the initial website  and subsequent expanded eCommerce which launch was to coincide with Differently Enabled first fashion show at London Fashion week.

At the time, Differently Enabled had no online presence. Inter Vivos was tasked initially with designing and building a website that told the Differently Enabled story and showcased its earliest creations and collaborations with brand ambassadors. This included launching on social media. Differently Enabled’s online launch needed to include an engaging, accessible and user-friendly website that would both communicate the brand’s story and later, include an eCommerce facility. Sustainability and transparency are fundamental values for the brand, so providing a way of telling the provenance story for each garment was a key part of our brief.

When Differently Enabled secured their first fashion show, we created a customisable shop on the website where customers could order and personalise custom clothing with their own images and colour ways.

Designed & Built A Bespoke New Website

Taking Differently Enabled’s vibrant branding, we began by building a visually engaging website, set up to tell Craig’s story and spread awareness. The websites initial goal was to generate brand ambassadors, to be a part of this exciting journey.

Customisable Products

Later Inter Vivos were tasked with creating a range of customisable products that allowed customer to upload their own imagery and select colourways. In addition we launched the bespoke clothing collection, which enabled customers to enquire and book appointments.

QR Code Linked Provenance Stories

We initially built the Differently Enabled website with provenance stories for each garment. When a customer had a bespoke item made for them, they would be able to access its provenance story – including details of who designed it, where it was sewn and who by – via a QR code on the label.

Storytelling With Editorial Areas

The brand ambassadors and collaborators are hugely important contributors to the Differently Enabled mission, therefore we created an editorial area to showcase their unique and powerful stories.

Social Media Launch

Alongside building the website, Inter Vivos managed Differently Enabled’s social media profiles, launched over Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. This included designing an assets package and planning a content schedule.

The Results

Differently Enabled

Not only was the Inter Vivos team able to meet such short deadlines, but they were also able to prioritise future roadmap as we wildly carried on. But my favourite part is their innate ability to art direct and create User Experiences (UX) without strict oversight. Creativity is a core strength of the team. That and a great sense of humour. What a pleasure to work with Inter Vivos!

Craig Crawford


What’s next?

Differently Enabled is still in the early stages of its journey as an adaptive clothing label. At Inter Vivos, we are excited to be on board as we continue to support this brand’s overall growth and transition towards a larger retail offering online, reaching more and more people across the UK and around the world with adaptive fashion that works for every and any body.

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