Website Revamp Boosted Sales & Engagement By 36%


Increase In Website Revenue


ROAS On Google Ads Campaigns


Increase In Bespoke Hat Requests

Meet the client

The Hattic is a hat studio based in Brighton, making bespoke headwear for customers across the UK and around the world. As their slogan rightly says, they’ve been “making heads happy since 1989”.

The Goal

When we first met with Jill Corbett, the brains (and hands!) behind The Hattic, it was immediately obvious to us that this was a special business with heaps of personality. This was reflected in the band of loyal in-person customers The Hattic had gathered over the years. But online, it was a different story. The current website lacked the brand’s vibrant personality and hat sales were slow.

Jill wanted to expand on The Hattic’s already loyal in-person fanbase, by reaching new customers online, this was a huge opportunity. As The Hattic specialises in creating bespoke hats that are unique for every customer, they needed an eCommerce site that would enable customers to customise their hats, easily and quickly.

Built A Bespoke New Website

We designed and created a bespoke eCommerce website, this included the built-in facility to customise hats, which was a key element to what made the brand so unique. We ensured that this new website was well structured for the user, but also that it reflected the personality of Jill Corbett and The Hattic. As each hat is unique, we wanted to make sure that the website told a story – so that customers could feel the same warmth of personality that we did when we met Jill the first time.

Create SEO Content

SEO has been an important part of spreading the good word and introducing new hat lovers to The Hattic. We have created a variation of content across the site including optimised copy for category pages, new collections and regular blog posts.

Reached New Audiences Google Ads

The Hattic hadn’t previously explored paid search advertising, this was a great opportunity to get The Hattic’s hats seen by customers that had an intention to purchase. We created a Google Shopping campaign to promote Jill’s best selling hats, along with a brand campaign which enabled us to create quick links into key categories and pages that were relevant or seasonal. These tailored campaigns have introduced new clientele to The Hattic and has proved to be a profitable marketing channel, boasting nearly a 750% return on investment.

Engaged With Existing Customers With Email Marketing

We created a series of automated emails such as abandoned cart and browse adandoment, this gave The Hattic the chance to re-engage with customers at a key stage in their potential buying journey. We also curate monthly email campaigns to showcase new products, seasonal offers and much more.

The Results

When Jill first approached us, The Hattic had very little online presence. Since then, they have seen continuous growth with website revenue increasing by 36% every year. In 2022, they saw a whopping 747% ROAS on Google Ads, with PPC campaigns reaching customers around the world – from Australia to the USA – and helping to increase bespoke hat requests by 14%.

Jill Corbett Illustration By Claire Rollet

Can't recommend the team at IV highly enough....professional, forward thinking, encouraging, very friendly, very fair, and very patient too! It's assuring knowing they are the guardians of my website!

Jill Corbett


What’s next?

Working together, The Hattic and Inter Vivos will keep working towards continued marketing growth across the UK and internationally, spreading the word about great hats far and wide. We are also looking into new revenue streams, with a new leather care collection on the horizon.

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